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Rob H

Titan II Missile Facility Technician

The MFT was responsible for the missile site facilities, including heating and air-conditioning, power generation and control systems, plumbing, water systems, utility air compressors, hydraulic systems and all other facility related systems.

Because the missile launch systems depended on many of the facilities systems being in perfect working order, the MFT, with help from the BMAT, inspected all facility systems once per day during Daily Shift Verification (DSV).

As the facilities systems consisted of many fans, motors, pumps, valves, etc., DSV would take between 2 to 6 hours to complete. DSV was the most important daily operation completed by the Combat Crew and most of the DSV procedure were the responsibility of the MFT.

The MFT was usually an Airman Second Class (E-2) up to a Technical Sergeant (E-6). However enlisted men of all ranks were not uncommon. The MFT’s primary position was manning the Facility Power Control Board (FPCB), Power Distribution Control (PDC). From these consoles the MFT could identify and troubleshoot problems with the primary facility systems.


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